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Living with EUPD and other mental issues

What’s it like living with EUPD?
When you want to be normal
and just be free

Having EUPD really sucks, when that
little voice pops in and says no-one
gives two flying F**ks.

When you’re stuck in that bubble,
you know you’re in trouble, and all you can do
is try to give yourself a cuddle.

Sometimes not everything
is black and white, and a helping hand
is quite alright.

When care is pressing you down a bit,
let go of the reins, let someone
else take over, you don’t need to quit.

Asking for help is OK, when you want
to just run and run and keep well
hidden far, far away.

Sometimes I see images in my head
That even Jason from Halloween
would dread.

I see myself dancing on my own a lot
Feeling too self-conscious, self-destructive
to even try to fox-trot

to try to smile inside a bit and then
Here come the words:
‘You’re not worth it’.

I get so lost, I really do,
my mind gets clogged up just like arteries too.
So if I’m trying to open up, please give me

time or I’ll start to clam up,
shrug my shoulders
and sigh or snigger

Vanessa’s style is so natural. Both content and style are so strong and fluid and poetic.

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