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John the Builder

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John the Builder

John the Builder remembers

I remember my first day at school and the anxiety I felt at having to be separated from my sister, leaving her at home unprotected.

I remember the mixed emotions as my mother and father remarried – fearful and worried for the future.

I remember the day I left school, feeling uncertain about what my future would hold and the lack of security ahead.

I remember getting my first wage packet and feeling proud and independent.

I remember the excitement of meeting and taking my first girlfriend out – who later became my wife.

I remember my children being born, pride joy and happiness – my family, my hope.

I remember my world starting to unravel as depression and addiction crept up and took control.

I remember my problems building and taking over, and the feelings of despair and being unable to cope.

I remember the feelings of hope starting to appear as the light began to shine through the cracks of despair.

I remember always being grateful to DAT for putting me on the road to recovery.

I remember SMART every day for the support they give me and for keeping me on tract.

I remember there is another life beyond the wall of despair – it’s called Hope and it comes in many forms.

I remember that hope for me is:
– letting go of the past
– dealing with the present
– looking to the future

I remember how far I have come on this journey.

I remember others and the need to share my story.

I remember that we all need help and encouragement at some time, and that SMART is here for all whenever we need.

S.M.A.R.T. is Self-Management And Recovery Training. It has empowered me with practical tools and support to manage my addiction, helping me to restore and lead a satisfying and meaningful life – it can do the same for you too.