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I AM the drum

I am the dreamer
dreams remembered, or fragmented.

I am what I remember.
I am the drum beating
calling images to mind

I am mindfulness to mindlessness
reality of thought
drumbeaten to internal silence
alternating from time to timeless

I am the drumbeats
I am the soul of a drummer
many moons ago
alive once again
at the moment the hand strikes the drum

I am the beat and rhythm of long ago
I am a life relived in the music
drum drum drumbeat

I am a new mind
I am a new me
tuned in, in a moment of synchronicity

I am the dream I dreamt of searching far and wide
for an audience to hear my story
told through intense drumming
following places, memories
all alive in the practice of
boom beat boom
crash smash
rolling, tapping and mind snapping
into peace and calm and slower rythms
until sleep hypnotises us into listening to the beat

I am the beat
I am the rythm
I am the future
I am the instrument of the drum
I am the hands that bring the drum alive

Beat beat the rythms
Beat beat the waves
Beat beat the rythm of the blues
Beating a breakthrough of mind technology

I am a beating drum to the heartbeat

I am the drum
I am the drummer

Vanessa’s style is so natural. Both content and style are so strong and fluid and poetic.

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