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John W-G

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John W-G

Acrostic Poem

Joy not felt as a child

Obliterating inner darkness

Happiness gained from helping others

Never giving up





Never quitting


I am as…


Jolly as Santa

Open as a book

Happy as a child on Christmas morning

Noble as a Knight



Making a better future

Pushing for change

Action taken

Teaching people about the suffering of others

Helping those in need

You only live once so help while you can


Vulnerability is a strength not a weakness,

Unveiling and illuminating truths in the dark corners of your mind,

Letting yourself be honest and open,

Never running from the truth or from help that is offered,

Essential for personal growth and development,

Real courage overcoming fear and fragility,

Allowing you to own your story,

Breaking down walls and stripping armour which are

Illusionary defences,

Letting yourself be seen, naked and unhidden,

Is to love yourself.

Truth is empowerment:

You are strong.