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John W-G

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John W-G

A day in my life

I wake up early and withdrawal is setting in, sending my depression and anxiety into hyperdrive. It’s only around 5.30am and I’m already thinking about how I’m going to make it through till 7.30am when the shop opens. I find a bottle of vodka in the kitchen, opened and unfinished. Without a thought to the consequences I drink straight from the bottle. The time waiting for the shop to open is spent drinking, being sick and trying to keep the drink down. Luckily before the shop opens I’m able to drink enough for me to function well enough to make the short trip. I enter the shop just after it opens, I’m probably the first customer that day. I’m unwashed, unshaven and untidy but I don’t care, vodka has numbed me enough to not feel shame. I just want to make it home and not be sick in the street. I drink straight vodka and watch rubbish daytime TV until I black out. After that I’m unaware of what happens or how much I’ve drank until the next morning and it starts again.