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John W-G

I live on the Other Island, on the Isle of Man.

I’m John, I’m 38 and was born on the island. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression around six years ago. During this time it’s led to social isolation, alcohol abuse and eventually to three overdoses and numerous stays in hospital for medical detox.

I’m taking part in this project to highlight these issues and hopefully lessen some of the stigma that is attached to them. I am now getting help from Motiv8 and SMART recovery groups, practicing meditation and mindfulness. I’m looking to the future and a new career, hopefully in a position where I will be able to help others.

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A Tribute to John Warrillier-Grant

We Other Islanders learned of John’s death with shock and sorrow. He was one of the original members of our team, and made a huge contribution – not only in his brave telling of his own story, but in the way he encouraged and supported others to do so too.

John was a huge inspiration to all of us – funny, compassionate, honest, humble and brave; and determined to do what he could to help others. He spoke often of his love and affection for family and friends, especially Lisa; and was a hugely entertaining storyteller. He also had immense heart for those suffering with their own burdens and struggles; and as many of us can attest, he made a difference. A big difference.

There’ll be many tributes to this lovely man today, on the day his loved ones send him on his way; and many more eloquent than this. But the best person to express John’s beautiful personality is the man himself; this is one of the many pieces he produced for The Other Island project, entitled ‘I Am Remarkable’.

I am remarkable because I am still here fighting for life and happiness despite numerous attempts not to be.

I am remarkable because I have endless compassion, as vast and deep as the ocean.
I am remarkable because I have empathy as boundless as the universe.
I am remarkable because I am driven, determined to make a difference and have a meaningful life.

You are, and you did, dear friend. Go with our love and respect, never forgotten
The Other Islanders 17.07.2020

Photo Credit – Janet Lees. You can see more of John’s work, including a moving interview he recorded via the links above.

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