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A flavour of the workshops

Our Other Islanders found a range of ways to share what it’s like negotiating each day on the Isle of Man.

Working with the creative leads, our Other Islanders were able to tell their stories through a series of workshops running every week from mid-July to early October 2019.

We found our way into the project gently, getting to know each other and agreeing between us the ‘ground rules’ we needed to make sure everyone felt comfortable.

Everyone decided for themselves which parts of their stories they wanted to share with the world and how: as themselves, or under a pen name. We tried out a range of exciting and absorbing new ways to express ourselves, including life writing, poetry, photography and video. Over the course of the sessions, everyone was able to find their own unique voice and discover the best ways to share their story with the world. It was an emotional journey in the best of ways – there were tears, laughter, and the forging of the kind of friendships that come with honesty, trust and deep connection.

Find out how The Other Island can help

Our aim is to help you share a little of what it’s like to be you, negotiating your day, on the Isle of Man.

We aim to let you ‘find your voice’ and perhaps explain some of the challenges you face” – and in doing so, perhaps help others to have a better understanding of lives that aren;t like theirs.

We’ll be finding our way into the project gently. That means getting to know each other, agreeing between us what ‘ground-rules’ we’ll stick to so that everyone feels comfortable, and working out what parts of our stories we want to share with the world. Then, we’ll also be learning new skills and trying things out so that ‘stories’ can be told in different formats – text, spoken word, photos and so on. You won’t have to stick to one format – we hope people will try everything, and then maybe have several different pieces of work they’re happy to share (you can keep all the others for yourself, of course!).


A safe, supportive and creative space

We’ll do our best to make sure you have a happy, safe and empowering experience. We’ll give you the space and time to think about your story, what you’re happy and safe and keen to tell of it, and how you want to do so. The workshops will enable you to pick up some new skills, and have access to people, guidance and the right kit to try out things like video blogging, poetry, photography and the written word….and we’ll help you get your work into shareable form, so you can decide which bits you’d like the world to see. When we come to the end of the project, you can decide which pieces of work you’d like uploaded to the website – and possibly other places where it can be shared with the public – and we’ll put that into action.

We’ll keep your information confidential, unless and until you give us permission to share it – or if we’re required to by law, for any reason.


Our ‘group contract’

We asked our participants to be as reliable as possible – to come to all the workshops if possible, and let us know when they couldn’t make it. They were asked to take part in some activities to help build confidence, and to try out new things in order to develop new skills. We also encouraged them to find their voices so as to be able to tell some of their stories, at the same time being thoughtful about what was appropriate to share (honest but safe is the best approach).

Everyone attending was expected to respect each other, with no aggression, discrimination or judgement. The idea was to show each other the respect and understanding we’d each like from the rest of the world – to show everyone how it’s done. And boy did we! For our 2019 sessions, the group was incredibly supportive and mutually respectful. We learned together and grew together, and strong bonds were formed. The results – the powerful, moving stories that you can view and read here – speak for themselves.


In a nutshell

Between mid-July and late September 2019 we ran weekly workshops every Wednesday, from 11am to 3pm. These were hosted by our lovely team of creatives – Veronique, Marianne, Janet and Jack, with project lead Cat helping out wherever needed.


Do you have a story to tell?

You’ll be finding ways to tell your story – in words, in photographs, in film and more.

Apply to be part of The Other Island, a new project which aims to show what life is like on the Isle of Man for people whose voices aren’t usually heard. We want to help you share your experience. You will learn the skills to tell your story in the way that’s best for you. The stories will be shared in a variety of ways, including in print and on a dedicated website, helping people to understand what it’s like to be in your shoes…


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