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I live on the Other Island, on the Isle of Man.

Born and raised in the suburbs outside London, I was destined to relocate to the Isle of Man. After post-graduate university education, I gained professional qualifications in the health sector. I developed a growing passion for alternative methods and complementary therapies, and increasingly questioned the status quo. I thoroughly explored what it means to be human and to inevitably heal.

Things went downhill…I became unemployed, had no employment tribunal rights, failed to receive financial support through the benefits system as I had only a four-year nine-month residency on the island. I’ve also been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when in the UK, but GPs in the Isle of Man don’t seem to recognise it and as far as I know there’s no consultant here to help with it.

It’s good to be alive, and I would like to explore new ways for healing in the future.

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