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I live on the Other Island, on the Isle of Man.

My name is Blanche – which means white, or fair. I have lived on the island for most of my life.

Though some of my life has looked successful from the outside, I have had some problems. When I was very little, there was some anger and violence at home. This stopped when I was still small, but it made me realise that people I thought would protect me, could actually hurt me badly. It made me wary and watchful and mistrustful; and that made me lonely. I also went through some abusive relationships in my younger life.

I have had some other mental health problems, and my children do not live with me. I am recovered now, but some authorities have treated us as a family quite badly. Sometimes they have been incompetent, cruel and dishonest. This has been very difficult: I have been treated several times for depression and suicidal thoughts because of this.

I have also been through poverty, and had help from the Food Bank. Though I am now in recovery, and working, I still struggle with loneliness and despair. Every day is hard being alone without my young family. They taught me how to love properly.

I am lucky to have some good friends and a job and home. My health is better, apart from my sadness. I plan to stay alive so that I can be there for my children. I hope other people will not be made to suffer in the way that we have, and this also gives me some purpose.

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